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Internet of things (IoT)

IoT applications promise to bring immense value into our lives. With newer wireless networks, superior sensors and revolutionary computing capabilities, the Internet of Things could be the next frontier in the race for its share of the wallet. IoT has become increasingly popular in various industries.


We offer comprehensive solutions that allow our clients to monitor ranging from buildings, assets and even health management like indoor air quality, water quality, etc.)


With the growing population of the elderly, there is an increasing demand for the eldercare services.  AB Consultancy Limited has developed an ioT monitoring system to assist the elderly homes in providing sufficient care for the elderly.  The system can monitor the elderly in real-time and can provide alerts to elder caregivers so that they can take immediate action to prevent the elderly from wandering away. Our system supports eldercare services with data collection, tracking and monitoring, and notification, as well as providing supporting information to agencies relevant in elder care.

物聯網 (ioT)是由物理對象組成的網絡,這些理對象嵌入了傳感器、軟件和其他技術,通過互聯網與其他設備及系統建立連接並交換數據。物聯網配合人工智能等技術,可進一步提升效能。








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